Wednesday, August 18, 2010

EnerSolar: Innertia Engineering Solar Powered StreetLights...

Simple, yet to the point solution for government looking forward the low maintenance, eco-friendly and green technology solar powered streetlights. Innertia Engineering EnerSolar solar powered streetlights use latest LEDs, controls and solar power systems that provide autonomous usage with minimum maintenance needed.One wonderful feature on the EnerSolar is the capability to provide up to three nights of autonomous light even the solar panels didn’t charge the onboard batteries.No more headache for external battery box, solar panel or special lighting pole as the EnerSolar StreetLights come in integrated units. Simply attached the streetlights on any standard lighting pole in the morning and you will be able to enjoy instant lighting during the night.No info on pricing and availability. You could visit Innertia Engineering for more info about EnerSolar right here.

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