Saturday, August 28, 2010

ePower Trucks XT320E 3.5t: UK’s All Electric Commercial Vehicle – Swappable Battery Packs...

ePower Trucks is a UK based electric vehicles retailer that recently has unveiled latest all electric light commercial trucks, dubbed XT320E 3. 5t, that is designed with a swappable battery pack and capable of delivering a payload of 670kg with gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons. XT320E 3.5t itself is an electric vehicle released by Alkè, an Italian company that manufacture various types of vehicles for wide range of industries. This XT320E 3.5t is probably the first zero-emission light commercial truck retail in UK. The wonder is that XT320E 3.5t uses lead-acid, maintenance free, swappable batteries that are adapted from the military use in tanks. The swappable 13KWh battery pack itself is a rugged power pack that withstands cold temperature down to -20 degrees Celsius. The ePower Trucks’ XT320E 3.5t light commercial all-electric truck is bundled with two battery packs, providing you up to 120 miles of travel distance. A single charge on the 13KWh battery pack will get you up to 60 miles traveling distance. And for a fast power, you could get the battery swapped with a full recharged battery pack within three minutes. Interesting? You bet!

Price: USD47,000.- [ about half the price of current 3.5t electric vans available on the market ]

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