Saturday, August 28, 2010

ESCO Sensor Lamp: Motion Detecting Technology...

ESCO Sensor Lamp is a motion base light bulb that detects movement for turning on and off the lamp. ESCO Sensor Lamp is designed with ‘detection zone’ on the sensor, that’s why it is a neat automatic lamp that suit well for patio, doorstep or garage area where you are lazy to find the on/off button every time when back home late in the night. Hence, this is not a good gadget for reading lamp, living room or wash room where movements are not necessary carried out in a constant manner or repetitive sequence, such as walking. ESCO Sensor Lamp could continue to shine for 8,000 hours, or about 20,000 on/off cycles.

Price: GBP15.98 / EUR17.58 / USD22.30

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