Monday, August 9, 2010

G50 Vanguard Concept: Damien Crossnan – Idea About Hand On The Mouse...

Damien Crossan has a neat concept about how future mouse should take its shape. The G50 Vanguard mouse concept is designed to prevent RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury because of overwhelmed pressure on users’ palm due to long hours of using mouse.Ergonomic, as it claims, G50 Vanguard also has aesthetically shape that will attract those PC gamers. Simply lay your hand on the mouse comfortably and never have to bother about your tired wrist anchoring or finger clamping on the desktop.
There are 11 buttons on G50 Vanguard mouse for clickable and programmable controls that increases the combination up to 23. All buttons are ergonomically designed and designed to fit the fabulous anti-RSI idea for the whole mouse. No info on pricing and availability yet.

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