Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Razer Orca Gaming and Music Headphones set to make a Splash...

Hmmm, Razer now concentrates on animals that spend a whole lot of time under the water, with their latest release being the Razer Orca gaming and music headphones. Mention Orca and many of us will probably think of killer whales, who are majestic mammals in their own right but have been hunted much over the years. Perhaps the qualities of this fine creature have so enamored the folks over at Razer that they decided to name their latest gaming peripheral the Razer Orca. As with many other peripherals from Razer to date, the Orca will not only feature a style which is ahead of its time, it will also deliver a comfortable ergonomic design alongside quality sound and an ultra sleek look. To keep in step with most of Razer’s products, the Orca sports a distinct, venomous green color. Just who is the target market for the Razer Orca? It intends to bring together both the music enthusiast and the hardcore gamer, where it is able to make the transition from a gaming setup to the subway, letting you enjoy great audio regardless of whether you’re busy trying to complete the later levels of Starcraft II or just chilling out to your favorite tunes on your iPod. The Razer Orca will come with a plug and switch cable, offering a quick and convenient solution for seamlessly switching between gaming and listening to music. If you want to enjoy music on-the-go, the Razer Orca would do well with its shorter, standard braided cable, but whenever you want to kick some Zerg, then it is time for the braided 2 meter extension cable to make an appearance. Enhanced drivers have been included to optimize both in game action and the thumping bass of your favorite artists, making it the ideal dual-purpose solution for gamers and music lovers alike. Some of you out there might be turned off by its tardy color scheme though, but we think most people wouldn’t mind bringing home the $59.99 Orca if they could afford it. For our friends living across the pond, it will retail for €59.99 as well, so picking one up Stateside if you live in Europe might make more financial sense.

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