Thursday, August 5, 2010

ReSound Alera: 2.4GHz Wireless Hearing Aid Technology – 138 Hours Battery Life...

ReSound Alera wireless hearing aid device is capable of helping elders or patients with hearing problem to hear spoken words clearly and even in a rich and sharp surround sound experience. ReSound Alera Hearing Aid Device has a working frequency of 2.4GHz wireless and it has the ability to identify where the sounds are coming from using its 360-degrees sound technology. Besides, a single recharge on the ReSound Aler Hearing Aid Device will let you use it for up to 138 continuous hours before next recharge is needed. You could also connect ReSound Alera hearing aid to a TV or cell phone wirelessly using mini transmitter box to transmit TV’s or mobile phone’s audio directly into the hearing aid. ReSound Alera will give user an exceptional surround sound experience, a strong and clear wireless connections to your TV and phone – all to help you connect to the important things in life. No pricing and availability data available yet.

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