Friday, August 13, 2010

SeaKettle Concept: Life Saving Emergency Raft – Safe, Accesible And Desalination...

The biggest risk for folks having an emergency at sea is dehydration. Without proper desalination, those emergency boats’ passengers will die of thirst or from extreme temperatures before rescued or reaching any nearby island.
  • Kim Hoffman, a product design graduate from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, Sea Kettle concept “is a life saving raft that combines safety, accessibility, and a desalination process. In an emergency at sea, you may not be able to obtain fresh drinking water before being forced to abandon ship. Passengers could easily die of thirst or from extreme temperatures before they are rescued or reach land.”
The first thought come into Kim Hoffman’s mind was to provide safe, drinkable and life-saving water to prevent extreme dehydration for folks on the emergency boat or raft at the sea. She got inspiration from portable desalination tools, a colorful life raft that utilize sun heat to evaporate salty water and collect condensed water run off in containers within the raft’s structure.More info about how the mechanism works, after the jump…
  • As well as providing both insulation and shelter from the elements, the Sea Kettle would feature a number of hand pumps within the cabin. With these, the lucky survivors would draw up sea water into a Gortex covered plastic reservoir. Both the reservoir and the cover would be black to help concentrate the sun’s heat onto the water contained therein.
  • As the evaporated water hits the top of the cover, vapor escapes through the Gortex but the larger water molecules are condensed and the droplets run into four pockets around the raft, filling them up with drinkable water. Hoffman states that the process should provide enough drinking water for up to five people.

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