Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Kristi Kuusk, MA student at Estonian Academy of Arts keeps on exploring the possibilities of light elements in fashion accessories for a meaningful, emotional fashion design. Earlier this year we posted about her LED sparkling skirt that interacts with a ring to ignite the sparkle on the shirt. Her latest design which she did together with Stela Dias Fernandes, BA graduate at University of São Paulo, is called ‘TogetherWeShine‘, a crocheted neck warmer collection that sparkles like snowflakes in the dark when two people come close together. ‘TogetherWeShine’ was inspired by snowflakes and love. They have made a collection consisting of pairs of neck warmer that interact with each other, showing the importance of connections between human relations. I love such design explorations that mix old traditions like crocheting or knitting merged with new technologies such as LEDs, conductive thread and switches complement each other to light up or daily life. Visit the ‘TogetherWeShine‘ online exhibition and browse through the different styles of the ‘TogetherWeShine’ collection.

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