Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tree Planting Robot...

Imagine living in a world where all the trees are slowly dying, and all animals must be replaced with robotic couterparts. This would be the giraffe. Actually, this particular robot is designed to prevent an environmental apocalypse. You see, this is a Tree Planting Robot, designed for reforestation projects. The Tree Planting Robot is good for carrying 320 seedlings, with each one in a biodegradable plastic protective barrier that protects it from plant-eating insects. Not only can this thing plant, but it can also weed. Apparently, it has hot steam to destroy “competing vegetation, such as choking vines that can affect other plants”. It can also plant in patterns, just in case you want some sort of landscaping done. Yeah, this is a concept project for now. I suppose it could be used for cases where a volcano like Mount St. Helens blows away the forest area. However, why should we limit this guy on just Earth? Isn’t there a way to put this on Mars, and have it plant all sorts of vegetation. Then we could have some serious atmosphere by the time we land there, if ever. Of course, I could be wrong about the science here. Still, we are talking about a robot that plants here. We’re sort of in the science-fiction realm.

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