Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tube Concept System of Mass Transit...

Check out these people with their round wheel-shaped vehicles. It reminds me of this thing that General Grievous rode in that Star Wars Episode III movie. This is part of something that my Source calls the Tube Concept, and it is a revolutionary system of mass transit. Essentially, every commuter has one of these vehicles, which can be then be driven to monorail-like transport to get around even more. If you can imagine, just think of it as driving around in a big donut, and then putting it on a rack where donuts are stored on their side, and having that rack moved. This rail network moves at high speed, at about 160 kilometers an hour. Or, I could use the comparison that I used for Metropia. It’s like driving a car, parking it on a bus, and resting in your car while the bus does the work. What makes it different from the Metropia is how these vehicles park. The user just puts it in a “lot” that is essentially one giant vertical tube nine meters tall. Boy would I love to see this concept become a reality. I doubt it will in my lifetime.

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