Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vertrax Skateboard has a Tank tread with Electric Motor...

The Vertrax's Designer Brian Lovett created this one with a tank tread that has the ability to travel on the aforementioned grass and gravel. It can also go on sand, which would be excellent for the beach. It can also go on the snow, which makes this particular board terrific for winter. Now, you are probably wondering how well a tank tread could travel compared to that of a skateboard. I mean, just look at how fast a tank travels compared to a car. Well, the Vertrax skateboard has an advantage: an electric motor. My Source does not say how fast this Vertrax actually goes, but I would love to see how it handles. It certainly would be fun to check it out going uphill. Any idea if it could do a half-pipe? That is a semicircular skateboard ramp for all you non-skaters.

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