Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wind Lens: Offshore Wind Energy Harvester – Next Wave Of Alternative Energy Project...

An innovative design for harvesting green energy from the nature has been announced at the Yokohama renewable Energy International Exhibition 2010 earlier this month. The new eco-friendly gadget is dubbed Wind Lens, as it uses offshore’s wind to turn the wind turbines for electricity. The exciting part is, Wind Lens’ turbines are 112 meters in diameter and claimed to be quiet and three times more efficient than any conventional wind turbines. Original design of the Wind Lens is taking a series of interlocking floating hexagonal with the wind turbines on the edges. And it seems that Japan government has carried out feasibility study on the Japan’s offshore wind pattern and cost effective of building electricity generator using the interlocking floating hexagonal system for the wind turbines. We believe, the Japanese inventors must have been taking into consideration for the possibility of sea waves, typhoon or tsunami in their Wind Lens’ design. According to news from CNN Go, Japan government is planning to install the offshore Wind Lens to harvest wind energy off the coast of Japan within the next few years.

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