Thursday, July 28, 2011

VIDPK: Promoting Pakistani Infotainment Industry Over The Globe.. is a metaphor for the democratizing power of the Internet and information; it is a tremendous platform where people can watch the available video clips that belong to Pakistani entertainment media. Categorization of available video clips as Dramas, Cooking Shows, Music, Religion, Politics etc. makes Vidpk so user friendly that the site visitor can easily browse to the clips of his choice. Another excellent feature that is available on the site is to filter the video clips on the basis of Artist’s, for which a brief list of Artists is available that can be used to filter out the video clip belonging to a specific artist. A discussion section is also maintained on the site where registered users can share their experiences with the others regarding the relevant discussion topic.

Vidpk also offers a video sharing service that let users upload video clips to its servers to make them available online. It also allows users to comment and tag videos posted by others or by themselves, also the comments can be posted in a threaded discussion format as well as search for content by keyword or category feature is also available on the site.

The distinction that this site has in comparison to other video sharing sites is that it is promoting Pakistani infotainment industry as all the available content belongs to Pakistani Producers / Artists only.

It is a brilliant step taken for Pakistan as a whole.

Thumbs up.


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