Saturday, August 25, 2012

#SmallisBig - Coca Cola Ramadan TVC & Campaign

"Promoting the Power of Small Acts of Kindness"
Last month i saw the Ramadan TVC of Coca Cola shared by some friends on Facebook and was inspired by how the Company has advanced its Reasons to Believe campaign in Ramadan. “Khulen Khushyan Ramadan Ki” is a unique concept in a way that it highlights the importance of sharing happiness with others by performing small acts of kindness. The TVC shows how happiness may not just be associated with the big things in life but it is shaped by doing small things that might not be too expensive but can create priceless moments for everyone. The TVC focuses on maximizing happiness by sharing it with others, by showing them that you care and will be there to support whenever and wherever you can. As the true spirit of Ramadan is to be forgiving and tolerant, and to share and care, this is definitely the best time to come up with such communication which illustrates how sharing happiness and disseminating optimism is the true essence of the holy month. 

"Khulen Khushyan Ramadan Ki"
The ad illustrates small acts of kindness that can leave a positive impact. We may simply express our care in words or we may surprise a loved one by offering help and support for little things they might not expect. Happiness spreads by opening the doors of our hearts to others and by embracing them with warmth and kindness. The TVC features the depth of the joy attained from welcoming and greeting fellow Muslims and how Ramadan is the perfect time to train ourselves to share moments of happiness with others and fully benefit from the blessings of the holy month. These small moments of joy and glee call for sharing and exchanging even our most prized possessions so that we are able to strengthen our faith and our courage to sacrifice. All these things make us kind enough to let others be a part of our celebrations and so, the TVC revolves around making us understand how the month of Ramadan stresses upon these sentiments of brotherhood and kindness.

Following their global philosophy of sharing happiness and spreading positivity, Coca Cola launched its campaign, Reasons to Believe, which was localized as “Ho Yaqeen to Khulen Khushyan”, and was launched in Pakistan in March this year. The campaign’s focus was to highlight and provide our nation with various reasons to believe in a better Pakistan. Furthering this concept for its Ramadan Campaign, Small is Big, the Company has successfully managed to capture the true essence of Ramadan by promoting the concept of making huge differences by taking simple and small actions.

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