Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#Crazy4Good - Hojao Good keliye Crazy!

Once again Coca Cola organized their Social Media activist meet up last Sunday at Tushan Beach. This time coke took another creative initiative to get in to the social media circle, and interact with the top bloggers and social media influencers of the country regarding their new campaign “Crazy 4 Good”.

the venue!

The “Hunt for Crazy Masters” was a social media activist meetup planned by Coca Cola, in which bloggers, social media influencers, VJs and RJs were invited to attend the happiness hunt. The event was full of surprises and lots of food, with one of the surprises being a gift (Canon PowerShot A810) for all the attendees, given at the beginning of the journey. After the first session of socializing, get together and a Sunday brunch on the beach, all of us were asked to join in for the session in the hut to discuss the main agenda. Coke’s new campaign is all about Random Act of Kindness (Crazy 4 Good), and is about finding and spreading the acts which makes someone’s day better or can give a reason to smile.

We usually tend to overlook happiness around us and talk about more negative things, and that is exactly what has been the case with the media talking about negativity only. The new campaign talks about the initiatives to bring smile or to help others with a random act of kindness, hence talking about spreading happiness by performing random acts which doesn’t cost us much but make others happy and let them feel good without anything negative. Many random acts were discussed and shared by people individually, some of which are:
  1. Passing smiles to a person on your way to work
  2. Waving at random crew who’re waiting for the bus to arrive
  3. Enjoying meal with the office boy
  4. Feeding a random lonely cat
  5. Gift to those who cannot afford
  6. Hug your driver
  7. Order an extra coke and give it to the delivery man, etc.

On the other end, Coke's digital portal will be launched soon where anyone can share stories regarding 'Random Acts of Kindness' via pictures which is being done to help coke recognize and acknowledge the crazy masters of Pakistan.

the sitting area!
After the discussion, all of us pledged to do at least one act everyday which make others day happy!

crazy coke cupcake!

It was a great event, and the one that met its objectives. Thanks to the Coca-Cola Export Corporation and event management team of Asiatic Public Relations Network (pvt.) Ltd. for organizing a memorable event. A day full of fun, engagement, positivity, kindness, great food and free gifts. What else would you want on a Sunday? Best of luck Coke, we’re with you on every step!

P.S. Know anybody who spreads love everyday? Yes? Share the story with @cokepk on Twitter or leave a comment below the post..