Sunday, December 1, 2013

blind believer: i dont care (his part)

i cared a lot but not now, m done with the part, m done with you, no more lies, no more you, you live how you want to, let me live mine, how i want to, no one to stop, no one to blame, just you, because of you. its better to make the ones smile who are with me than to the ones who leave for no reason. i tried my best, wasnt ready too, but in the end, it doesnt even matter. 

youre all the same, just the different faces but the same inner you. i dont care what you think, because your thoughts are always according to what youre told and not by the truth. youre blind, to ones who love you but good to ones who hate you. you dont love or hate when you want to but when told, mind control. not in senses, not in control, cannot breath, cannot laugh, smile or cry when want to. i saw that, tried helping but couldnt. this is life, with or without you. i say, you shouldnt be in ones life, youll destroy them for no reason. you dont think and react but react and lose. youre bad, youre ugly, youre not you.