Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pakistan Urban Forum: #ForumKhi14

After writing about the transport issues faced by common Pakistanis everyday, last week i went to the Pakistan Urban Forum conference to see if any of the sessions is talking something similar to the issue i raised. And bingo, i found "Future of Sustainable Urban Transport". 

In this session the presenters were talking about the betterment of the transport system in our country and how can we fix them. Many ideas were shared by the presenters out of which the best was to implement "Bus Rapid Transit System".
The presentation started with examples like where in the world is this system implemented (Brazil) and how can we replace our existing one with it. On ground examples like; "Pakistan transport project by Govt. Of Sindh" were discussed in the session too. Besides that, topics like "Karachi transport plan for vision 2015" were discussed which gave us all a clear idea that if this is implemented, many issues can be replaced easily. Not just that but it will give birth to employment opportunities for the masses. 

Hope this transport system is implemented in our country soon! 
Besides the session, below are some other activities which took place at the conference: 

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