Monday, January 6, 2014

Transportation and Issues: Karachi

Karachi, one of the largest cities of the world, the only mega city of the world where a middle-age mode of public transport is still in fashion. Its local transport consists of minibuses, coaches and large buses (all with a separate compartment for women) typically provide the cheapest way to commute across the city. Then comes rickshaws and taxis cater to the travelling needs of upper middle class, after that radio cabs or white cabs are frequently used by upper class travellers. This makes it possible for people without their own vehicles to access remote areas of the city.

Around 25 percent of people in Karachi have their own transport and 60 per cent of this chunk own motorcycles, according to Syed Nadeem Arif of Environmental Management Consultants in some press conference. 

Transport is always a major problem for the citizens of Karachi. Most of the people living in the city depend on the unreliable, poorly maintained and outdated local transport. On daily basis we all have seen many people waiting for the buses on the bus-stops. Travelling in this huge city by mean of local transport is the cheapest of all. For mango people, local transport is the best method to travel throughout the city. But the massive increase in the population of Karachi has resulted in local transport being massively over burdened and does not have the capacity to move the hundreds of thousands of people who require transport. 

Everybody wants to look good when reaching early to work, school, college, university etc. but this surely does not apply if you are travelling via local transport in the mega city. The overcrowded buses always play their role. Not just that, when the bus arrives at the bus-stop a few step down but 3 times more try to get into the bus with the bus conductor chanting "Ajao ajao bhout jagah hai". 

Getting into the bus to reach the destination is the first goal, getting a place to stand inside the bus is another one, then comes getting a seat (you're a champ if you get one). Now get ready to face the most horrifying ride you ever had. There are no traffic rules applied to the bus drivers, all the police are just standing there to get some bribe, nothing much nothing less. You need to be alert throughout the journey so that no one picks your pocket, steal your purse or mobile. 

My concern to the authorities is to take legal action against the issues faced by citizens on daily basis. This will help us all a lot. And I am looking forward to the conference by Pakistan Urban Forum for the same and hoping that this will conference brings the required changes.

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