Saturday, June 21, 2014

Launch: #MakeMyMagnum

This time Magnum launched their "Magnum Pleasure Spot" in Karachi at the Atrium Mall. At the soft opening media night few selected bloggers were invited to make their own Magnums with the special crackling Belgium chocolate coating and witness how one can customize their Magnum according to their choice.  

At the launch the bloggers have experienced the indulgence of selecting their own chocolate and assorted toppings and know that the "Magnum Pleasure Spot" is an experience pop-up Magnum bar where they can customize their Magnums. 
At the bar visitors can select from an assortment of Magnums; a delicious array of crackling coatings (white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate) and over 12 toppings of their choice.

Some more tweets and twitteraties from the launch: 
Meanwhile, a full scale glamorous pleasure store is expected to open in Karachi shortly!

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