Saturday, September 20, 2014

Launch: #MagnumKarachi

This time Magnum launched their first ever Magnum Pleasure Store in Clifton, Karachi. There were two events for the store launch in total; first it was the Red Carpet Celebrity launch (friday) followed up with the Bloggers Event (sunday), both using the same hashtag i.e. #MagnumKarachi. Luckily, was invited and became part of both the launch events. As the Magnum Pleasure Store all about pure and unadulterated enjoyment, where the ultimate experience of Magnum pleasure is brought to life. 

Magnum has created this totally unique and never-before-seen store experience for Pleasure Seekers around the world and now Karachiites will be able to enjoy the familiar Belgian Chocolate and delicious ice cream combination at the comfort and ambience of the Magnum Store.
At the Red Carpet Celebrity launch: A host of entertainment and food celebs, plus young fashionistas swamped to the exclusive opening party. Magnum has long had a reputation of laying on the best most exclusive entertainment and this time to the various artists on the two floors of the Café kept the pleasure seekers enthralled. From DJ Hira Tareen spinning club and house music to host Ayesha Omar urging all to indulge in one more Magnum the Party raged nonstop from start to finish late into the night.
At the Bloggers Event: Renowned bloggers were given the exclusive sneak peek of the ‘Make My Magnum’ experience. It comprises of 6 simple steps, Coat it, Top it, Drizzle it, Set it, Share it and Love it. After enjoying their personalised Magnum, the bloggers were treated to some fun activities such as a ‘Magnum Pleasure Hunt’ and the ‘Make My Magnum Challenge’. 

Below are the tweets/pictures from both the launch events: 
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