Monday, November 17, 2014

9 types of people in WhatsApp Groups!

Everybody uses whatsapp these days, as texting has become too stoneage. We talk, share, abuse, discuss etc. on whatsapp on a daily basis with the ones we think will keep our conversations a secret.

Being a part of multiple groups on whatsapp, below are 9 types of individuals i observed who are present in almost every whatsapp group. 

1. The Lurker

People wonder why exactly this individual is there in the group. People in this category are the silent observers. Never replies to anything, doesn't even participate in any discussion but they are aware of everything (by everything i mean EVERYTHING). In a nut shell, these are the people who have information but don't give a shit about it. 

From what people have told me, i too belong to the same category! 

2. The one who Leaves the Group

There are many people on my whatsapp list who belong to this category. Naming them will kinda disturb my relationship with them, but they know who they are.  
  • Say something offensive? They leave the group. 
  • Say something not offensive? They leave the group. 
  • Send 200 messages? They leave the group. 
  • Don't send a single message? They leave the group. 
These people portray themselves as bad listeners as if they don't give a shit about what people have to say or discuss. A better alternative is the mute group option. 

So yeah, i'll just keep on adding you back if i am the admin, burn please! 

3. Photo and Video Spammers

A few individuals only exist on this planet to share everything they can find on their whatsapp groups. It's like they're here to broadcast everything. They just love to share random memes, stupid jokes, funny news links, adult photos and blooper videos. 

Yes, you know who you are! :P 

4. Admin Abusers

These kind of people always start and end the conversation with abusing the admin of the group. It's like their favourite habit to mock the admin. They'll be putting all the blame on him for:
  • Creating the group
  • Fights on the group
  • Plans on the group
  • Plan cancellations on the group 
Burn Admin Burn! 

5. Group Name and Picture Changer

These are the most annoying kind of breed on whatsapp groups, in my opinion. They don't care what time it is or in what mood everyone is in, they just exist to change the group name and display picture. 

Some of these people are occasional i.e. they only do this when there's an event or a birthday or surprises which is acceptable. 

6. The No-Link people

The kind of people who don't even know what to say and what not to. They just talk random stuff, jump into conversations that they have no idea about and end up making jokes that make no sense.  

Whatever they say doesn't really make any sense so a few 'lols' or emojis are usually replied to them. 

7. The K. type people

Okay, so i hate when somebody replies with a "K." to my lengthy type texts. I feel like punching them on their face, as i was waiting for a proper answer and not just a K, K? 

Their vocabulary is limited to not just one word but one letter only. Everybody hates them, but nobody tells them which makes them not change. 

These are the people who agree to almost everything, every plan, every suggestion, everything at all, it's just a K. from them. 

How about you take a break from saving the world and type out the entire 'Okay' next time?

8. The Plan Makers

Plan for everything, birthday, beach, event, hangout, food, drink, shit etc. They just want to hangout on every event there is. These are the guys who ask "Let's meetup guys!" on every freakin thing. 

9. The Plan Ditchers 

No matter what the plan is, they always reply with a "NO!". The whole group hates them for this but they still remains the same. Unfortunately most of them are the Admins and people cannot remove them from the group. 

An end to the post, i hope nobody got offended. And to my whatsapp contacts: You know where you fall. Keep whatsapping, i still love you. ;)

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