Friday, December 26, 2014

Few types of ladies at workplace!

Every lady likes to think that she have an easy-going personality, easy to mingle and can get along with any personality. Which is somehow not true in many cases. You'll agree to me if you've ever worked in a busy office with a crazy bunch of people. 

Being a part of a crazy, energetic and always-party-mode organization I really have observed a different kind of variations in ladies here. Who believe that they rock, but not really... 

Below are a few types on ladies I observe at my workplace, everyday! 

- Miss Red Lipstick 

Okay, ahem, these are the ladies who are always dressed up, know that they are going to work but thinking that it's a party or something, cool kind of ladies with a hell lot of self-claimed attitude, huh. People are attracted to them. Yes, really, they are, but only a few can mingle. 

Over all, their presence is like a cherry on top! 

- Miss I-Dont-Care

You know people with anger on their nose? Yes, this category is for those kind of ladies. They are always angry, and when they are not, they find a reason to be that way. They think that it is cool, but in reality: IT IS NOT!!!

Okay, this is kinda cool, but sometimes, and with some people only! 

- Miss Boombox 

Ladies with loud-speaker installed in their throat or something. Always high on music. Comparing everything with music. Trying to solve everything with music. Giving all the hints to to solve what they're trying to say in a musical way. 

I personally like this category, but not everybody! 

- Miss Senti 

The worried lady, all the time, every time. It's better to be that way cause ladies who belong to this category take work way too serious. They just don't want anything to go wrong. They are worried, but dedicated and hard-working. 

The perfect kind of lady at workplace! 

- Miss Panic 

Okay, these are "Wait? What? When? Why?" kind of ladies. Panic is their favourite hobby. No matter what the work is, they'll panic. Even if they know what the work is, they'll still panic. 

If they're centre of attraction, they'll panic. If someone is noticing them, they'll panic. More likely, they are good at dropping stuff, sometimes dropping themselves. LOL 

Calm down ladies, the world is not ending! 

- Miss Brozoned 

HAHAHAHAH, exactly. I feel for guys on this. No matter how hard you're trying, no matter how good are you at listening to them, no matter how much you give them the attention, no matter how high their priority is, you're brozoned in the end. 

Attention seeking ladies with so-called Limited Boundaries! 

- Miss Food-all-the-Time

Okay, these ladies are food-freaks. It's morning, lets have food. You're wearing red, lets have food. The boss is not here, let have food. Low attendance, lets have food. 

They are at work, just to have food, trust me! 

An end to my post, you can be in multiple categories too, and you know which category you belong to. Hope no one got offended. It's just how I feel, just that. ;) 

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  1. After reading the post I am analysing my habits to see which category I fall in. Irrespective of you mentioning us ladies thinking we are unique, you know we are. For my part, I have many of these traits. I am sort of a mixture of the categories mentioned above and a few that have not been mentioned at all.