Sunday, April 26, 2015

Reminder: Just because...

Just because one is not reacting when one should, not responding when one would, not fighting when the blame is on him, not smiling when rest is laughing. Doesn't mean he's dead, afraid, heartless, or anything you'd like to put there.  

Just vigorous enough to see the world alone, the darker and the uglier side, steady and strong. Trying the best to sort things out, on toes to finish what he started. 

Don't pinch him, don't stop him, don't block him, don't wake him up. There's a fire in there, a volcano it is, don't let him explode, don't let him leave, he'll take everything with him, the smiles and laughs he shared, leaving you all alone, sad and dark, no more fights, no more nothing. He's gone, gone for all. 

Don't let the world tear a hole in you, the one you cannot repair. Don't let that happen, I repeat, don't let that happen. 


  1. Not everyday you get to read what you could relate to.

    As always love the way you keep it simple yet convey the theme.

  2. "Don't let the world tear a hole in you, the one you cannot repair."

    Loved how this is written. So though-provoking!