Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sustainable wildlife is mandatory!

Wildlife is an important factor for a country’s economic, scientific and educational development. Pakistan’s wildlife is diverse with an assortment of animals from all types of terrains; the Markhor from the savannah of Kohistan to the Desert Gazelle of the Cholistan Desert all represent the fauna of the country. But like many a country’s state of affairs, the preservation and conservation of the wildlife too, is unstable. And due to which animals such as the Blackbuck, Black Bear of Baluchistan and Indian Gazzelle have shifted from the list of endangered to that of the extinct, over the decades. 

Developed countries having high literacy levels and a stringent law and order have an overall better control over the systems of their country, hence have better control over the wildlife situation. Pakistan being in a developing state is unable to cater to the wild life as it should. In order to protect these animals there should be formulated an economical model keeping trophy hunting in perspective. Further, the money from investment of the hunt should be used to hire locals and develop projects with nearby communities in order to protect the species. 

Success Stories:
- Markhor, the hunting of which was so prolific that the specie was at extinction. The authorities opened the season for trophy hunting the previous year, which fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars, to be allocated to the communities responsible for protecting the species.
- Houbara, a migratory bird predominantly found in the Coastal Areas of Sindh and Baluchistan is a great interest to the Arabs. Its hunting is part of the Arab heritage. Viewing the opportunity the government licensed trophy hunting which in turn brought invaluable investment, used to employ local help and monetize the development projects. An estimated value of $400 million has been invested through the licensing of the trophy hunting.

The only way the wildlife can be saved is through the mutual collaboration of the government authorities as well as the local communities, and the only way to keep the locals from poaching and hunting the fauna is by giving them monitory incentives via the hunting. 

Preservation of all forms of wildlife is imperative for a country’s representation in respected circles, and for which each individual should help the government take steps to preserve the wildlife. Designing and adhering to a frame of policies, could help the wildlife to develop and grow for the generations to come.

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