Monday, July 4, 2016

Midnight: The Presence

After a while, writing a few lines.
Since i cannot whine, on my facebook timeline.

Life is tough and i am moving with high-pace,
Leaving all the pleasures of my age group to fade.

Dude, i am just asking a few things to do,
If cannot, no point to stay in my life you douche.

I grew up ten years in just a day,
Hard to believe? I too never expected it this way!

Since now there's no turning back,
Let me live how he chose for me, before it again hits me bad.

His presence is missed, almost all the time,
From tapping my back, to enjoying some wine.

Yes, my life is tough and i am moving with high-pace,
No matter if someone stays or i am only in this race.

He gifted me his tricks to live my life,
The best one i can pick: "Hehe haha is just not the life!"

Salute to you, you're being missed,
You are the coolest, the one every son wish.


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