Thursday, August 18, 2016

Orient: Against Dowry System

Dowry; being as controversial as it is in this part of the world, I haven’t actually seen a lot of people standing up against it or in favor of it either. This is a part of everyone's life since the very beginning and a lot of us are still to experience it but no one actually knows why the system exists. After a very long time indeed, Orient has taken an initiative and stood up against the religious habbit in our culture to break these stereotypes. If you ask me I am actually delighted to see a brand taking an initiative like this since, at higher level, we don't talk about anything which has a controversy or has religion attached to it, but Orient did this. 

Orient started this campaign by publishing a TVC on their social media which quickly got picked up amongst the younger generation and word broke out. 
Everyone has a right to express their opinion on this matter and below are a few reactions we’ve collected from individuals on the dowry system. 
However, below are a few individuals who had more to add to this debate.  
There are a few, including me, who will gift their daughters whatever they can no matter what it takes. She is your little girl and it's your duty to take care of her. 

"I have a daughter. Someday, she will get married and I would want to give her as much as I can. Not to fulfill the requirement or demands of her susraal but because I want to give everything to my child. Call it dowry. Call it gift. Or call it blessing for her." - @aurAdil 

"I am a married man. I too don't support the dowry system, but still there are things which her parents gifted her after a straight NO from our end. And i couldn't say anything because she's their daughter first, before my wife." - @amk 

In the end, I'd say: Asking for dowry is not acceptable at any cost. However, saying NO to parents for the gifts they provide their daughters with is wrong too. 

For more, join in the conversation at: #RishtonMeinInnovation 

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