Monday, February 27, 2017

Love for Books and Literature: #KhiLF

Started from Friday the 10th till Sunday, this literature festival was once thing everyone was talking about. Basically, KLF is back again with an urge to delight the crave of avid readers, to enrich the enriched history of literature for its appreciators. KLF can be viewed as a little token of appreciation from the individuals of the society to those who offered a perspective on the unique Pakistani society and culture, and have thus contributed to the development of a thriving literary tradition in Pakistan.

"The KLF is held to celebrate the rich, ancient, and diverse cultures and literatures of Pakistan so that they flourish, bloom and make an impact by becoming accessible to a wider public. KLF creates spaces where cultural and intellectual energies gain release and knowledge and understanding, both about today’s world, ourselves, and our history and civilization, are not only disseminated but also questioned and debated critically. We are also taking the Karachi Literature Festival to London where it will be held at the South-bank Center on 20 May 2017, to celebrate Pakistan’s culture and literature and the 70th anniversary of its creation." -  Ms. Ameena Saiyid OBE, Managing Director, Oxford University Press (OUP), and Founder/Director, Karachi Literature Festival, and Co-founder, Children’s Literature Festival. 

Around 136 Pakistani and 40 international authors and speakers from ten countries are participating in the festival. Also, there were 18 book launches and more than 70 sessions. 

However, the noise on social media was the same throughout the event. Everyone was so excited to be a part of it, since it is one of the biggest literature festival happening in the country. Below is the glimpse of what happened. 

To check more about it, visit the hashtag: #KhiLF on twitter! 

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