Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Breaking the Internet: #NotAFailure

So i've been part of this campaign for a while now. The reason it attracted me? It's enabling and empowering women throughout. Breaking the stereotypes and puns we hear in our daily lives. 
The brand associated with this campaign is National Foods which has been empowering women since its inception in 1970. They strongly believe that a woman is the binding force of each household and it is through the food she prepares that she brings everyone together. No matter how far and beyond the family ventures, they come back to the food that makes home feel like home. At the same time National Recipe Mixes believes that there is much more to a woman than the food she makes for her family. 

Traditionally, a woman who spends way too many hours in the kitchen cooking food to match the entire family's taste palate automatically becomes the epitome of perfection. In her efforts to do so, she tends to miss precious family moments and on top of that also forget to make time for herself.

Therefore, National Recipe Mixes offers convenience to all women by providing her ease of preparation for great tasting meals while giving the same consistent taste that makes every meal an unforgettable experience for the entire family. 

For more, check: #NotAFailure 

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