Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan: Karachi Chapter

Anything for the betterment of our city, Karachi, attracts me all time. This year again, EFU Insurance has decided to continue their legacy to paint walls of Karachi in the most artistic way to portray whats been missing in K-town for a long time, colors and art. 

Before proceeding any further, this is not wall-chalking but wall-art. 

This initiative understands thoroughly that there is badly a need for a cleaner and better looking Karachi, and one of the best ways to eliminate wall chalking is through wall art which will highlight, for sure, the positive side of Pakistan by depiction of our rich culture, festivals, and national monuments and more. Last year, under the guidance of Commissioner Karachi and his team of Commissioner Karachi Division, EFU Life initiated this project who's aim was to beautify Pakistan through thematic wall art.

The aim of "Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan" is to reclaim different spaces that have depreciated over time. The project has already covered walls at Ayesha Manzil and National Coaching Center. 

National Coaching Center
Ayesha Manzil

After the successful completion of two projects in Karachi; a 2000 sq.ft wall at Ayesha Manzil and a 3000 sq.ft wall of NCC Sports Complex, EFU Life has now extended this project to a third location, the Aga Khan Park, Garden, opposite Ismaili Jamaat Khana covering a space of over 7000 sq. ft. 

For more details and hype, check: #MeriShaanMeraPakistan

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